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Web2Print Business Card Demo

This page uses Infix Server to implement a PDF web-to-print system for business cards.
You can integrate the Infix Server engine into your web site your own way. We'd be happy to supply the code for this demo to help get you started.

The HTML form fields shown below are generated by Infix Server from the content of the PDF template you choose on the left.


Choose a business card template. Click on the editable areas of the PDF (shown with a dotted outline) or enter new data in the form fields on the right. As you edit the PDF Infix Server will render the PDF to give you an idea of the finished card.

Click the button to download the final business card. The PDF template's editable fields will be replaced with the data you supplied on the right. It will be a standard, print-ready PDF document.

This demo used Infix Pro to make PDF templates from original PDF artwork. You can watch a move of a template being made. If you want to try making and uploading some of your own templates, visit the advanced Infix Server demo.

Web2Print System Using Infix Server

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